Afrofuturistic Painting

Painting by Kiana Hinton

“The Mourning African Genie”
“She has come out of her lamp because the world has rubbed it. As you can see, she is a spirit and she has a third eye thats the planet earth. As she thinks about the world, she senses evil so she lights up like fire and sheds a black tear to symbolize the death of her culture and the stereotypes about it.”


Enter: Black Panther

T’challa, the King of Wakanda, also known as the hero Black Panther, joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe during the summer of 2016. His self-titled solo film will be releasing in 2018, starring a cast filled with African-American actors! Welcome to the Age of Afro-Futurism! Enjoy the clip!

Afro-Futuristic Music

Ojuelegba by WizKid:

WizKid is a prime example of a successful African artist! Check him out.




Marvel’s Luke Cage clearly exemplifies the Afro-futuristic movement, as he shows that greatness can arise from lowly beginnings. Similar to Luke Cage, all people of African descent are bulletproof. Guns┬áCan Not Stop US!!! We Will Rise!!!




How About ART 230…

So it begins…

I’m taking my first Art class EVER at Bowie State University. It’s very exciting and I do not know what to expect. Reviews claim that my professor is amazing, but I’ll be the judge of that! Let’s get this party started.



“Forward Ever, Backward Never”

Last semester was terrible, however this new one will be spectacular. “Forward Ever, Backward Never.” My mother always tells me those words and I shall live by them. I will only move forward regardless of the obstacles. I am Steven-John [Chibuike] Okpara!

[God Is Strength]