Afrofuturistic Painting

Painting by Kiana Hinton

“The Mourning African Genie”
“She has come out of her lamp because the world has rubbed it. As you can see, she is a spirit and she has a third eye thats the planet earth. As she thinks about the world, she senses evil so she lights up like fire and sheds a black tear to symbolize the death of her culture and the stereotypes about it.”


Enter: Black Panther

T’challa, the King of Wakanda, also known as the hero Black Panther, joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe during the summer of 2016. His self-titled solo film will be releasing in 2018, starring a cast filled with African-American actors! Welcome to the Age of Afro-Futurism! Enjoy the clip!



Marvel’s Luke Cage clearly exemplifies the Afro-futuristic movement, as he shows that greatness can arise from lowly beginnings. Similar to Luke Cage, all people of African descent are bulletproof. Guns┬áCan Not Stop US!!! We Will Rise!!!